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"I highly recommend the attorneys at World's Law. They took care of everything I needed to set up my new business and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. I will definitely come back to World's Law whenever I need legal advice."**

Kimberly Davis

- Kimberly Davis


Client Status Meter™

The purpose and function of the Client Status MeterTM which appears in the upper portion of each page is to notify you in real-time of your current status with World's Law.  The stop light graphic advises you of your current relationship status according to our most recent records.  Navigating through this site implies that you agree with the status as maintained by our records and indicated by the Client Status Meter. If you do not agree with your classification for any reason you must contact World's Law immediately at: so we can reconcile your status promptly. 



Client Status Meter








No Relationship

For those do-it-yourself types, World's Law offers you a wide range of legal documents and Apps that you can produce and use without involving an attorney. In addition, you can use our Ask a Free Legal Question service, and have a World's Law attorney answer your question. Since the Ask a Free Legal Question service only provides information of a general nature it cannot be regarded as legal or tax advice, and no Attorney Client Relationship or Limited Representation Relationship will be formed.


Limited-Scope Representation

In Limited-Scope Representation matters, lawyers and clients allocate the duties and responsibilities for handling a legal matter between themselves, thereby limiting the scope of the lawyer’s representation to specific services or discrete tasks. This provides you with the needed legal expertise and advice, while keeping the cost of legal representation at an affordable level. World's Law provides Limited-Scope Representation to individuals and businesses on a case-by-case basis only.


Attorney-Client Relationship

An attorney-client relationship is established when a client seeks and receives the advice of a lawyer regarding the legal consequences of the client's past or contemplated actions. The relationship of attorney and client is based upon the rules of contract, and when established requires the lawyer to act in the best interest of the client.


The formation of an Attorney Client Relationship will give rise to the Attorney Client Privilege, where information given to the attorney by the client in private will remain confidential and protected from disclosure.






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