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"I highly recommend the attorneys at World's Law. They took care of everything I needed to set up my new business and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. I will definitely come back to World's Law whenever I need legal advice."**

Kimberly Davis

- Kimberly Davis


Document Preparation

Have one of our attorneys prepare any document you need. Whether a simple bill of sale, a complex contract, or your last will and testament. We can quickly, professionally, and economically draft the legal document you need.


Document preparation normally is a Limited-Scope Representation matter.  In Limited-Scope Representation matters, lawyers and clients allocate the duties and responsibilities of handling a legal matter between themselves, thereby limiting the scope of the attorney’s representation to specific services or discrete tasks. This provides you with the needed legal expertise and advice, while keeping the cost of legal representation at an affordable level.


For involved matters, such as a complex will or contract, a full Attorney-Client Relationship may be required.  In almost all situations however, we will be able to quickly, professionally, and economically provide you with the needed legal document.


Since Document Prepartaion is either a Limited-Scope Representation or an Attorney-Client matter, our prices are established on a case-by-case basis only.  If you are interested in having a World's Law attorney prepare a legal document, please send us an e-mail to: docprep@worldslaw.comand we will promptly reply to your request.





It is important to understand that a Limited-Scope Representation with World's Law may be established through this website only if all of the following six conditions are met:

1. A formal written “Limited-Scope Agreement” is signed by you and World's Law;
2. All fees as noted in the Limited-Scope Agreement have been paid to and received by World's Law;
3. The World's Law attorney representing you is licensed in your jurisdiction or country;
4. All requirements for the local jurisdiction or country where you reside have been fully complied with by all parties and do not violate local law;
5. You receive an email from World's Law indicating that a conflicts check has been successfully completed and that a Limited-Scope Representation has been established; and
6. Upon logging on to the World's Law website, the “Client Status Meter” has a “Yellow Light” activated, indicating that you have established and currently maintain a Limited-Scope Representation with World's Law.


Unless all of the above-mentioned six conditions have been fully satisfied, you specifically agree that this site shall not give rise to a Limited-Scope Representation between you and World's Law.



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